Pre-Med Q&ACategory: Scheduling and ClassesHow is my Winter schedule? + PSYCH 111 vs SOC 100
Avatarc asked 2 years ago

BIOLOGY 172+173
PHYSICS 135+136
UROP (2 credits)
Would changing PSYCH 111 to SOC 100 help? Which one is easier? (I am going to take both at some point tho)
Is SOC 100 or SOC 302 better for studying for the MCAT?
Thank you so much in advance!

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AvatarSara answered 2 years ago

I’d recommend taking SOC 100 with your schedule for the winter. It’s usually advised to take 2 STEM classes per semester, so you’re definitely on track with taking BIO 172 and Physics 135. Since you are also taking 2 labs, as well as doing research, I would definitely recommend an easier class for your last option. I would say SOC 100 tends to be easier than PSYCH 111 since there’s a lighter workload and it’s not as content-heavy. 
In regards to the MCAT, both SOC 100 and SOC 302 cover all the material needed! SOC 100 is designed for first- and second- year students, while SOC 302 (still an introductory class) is designed for juniors and seniors with content that specifically addresses health, illness, and medicine. Either option is a great choice, so it really comes down to personal preference! 
All the best, 
Sara, PMH Advisor 

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