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AvatarRaheem Ahmed asked 3 years ago

Hi! I’m an rising sophomore and I wanted to see if this schedule is fine for Fall 2020. I plan on taking CHEM 230, PHYSICS 135/136, STATS 250, and UROP. In total, it’s 14 credits, so not bad. I’m just a little worried about taking so many math-based classes in one semester. Do you think taking them all together would be fine or should I move one to another semester (most likely would push back STATS 250 if recommended to push one)?

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AvatarAnni answered 3 years ago

Hi Raheem,
I would definitely push back stats another semester. CHEM 230 is a lot of work and very difficult, and some students find physics 135/136 rough because Michigan has…an interesting way of teaching it that’s isn’t amenable to how a lot of students learn. Even though physics lab isn’t nearly as intense as other pre-med labs, it’s still an ample chunk of your time that you’ll have to sacrifice each week, so keep that in mind when envisioning how the semester will feel. I personally struggle when I don’t work in enough free time into my schedule because at the end of each day I’m exhausted and am still saddled with all my coursework I didn’t get to work on throughout the day. UROP is a similar idea—you’re going to have to commit time to finding a lab and then going in on a regular schedule (more free time gone), not to mention the evening workshops that are part of the program. 
I’d recommend pushing stats in favor of working on your distribution requirements. Try to find something that is on the lighter side in terms of workload/ a class you think will be really fun to help balance out your schedule. Some of our advisors’ exit tickets might help you find some classes that work well with busy pre-med schedules. You can find them here.
Good luck! Hope you’re healthy and safe. 
Anni (advisor)

AvatarRaheem Ahmed answered 3 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to see if the new schedule I have right now seems fine because I am on the waitlist for CHEM 230 and I don’t think I’ll be getting off for Fall 2020.
So, my new schedule is PHYSICS 135/136, BIOLOGY 222, PSYCH 111, and UROP. Do you think this is doable or no?

AvatarOwen Doane answered 3 years ago

Hi Raheem,
That schedule looks fine. Bio 222 and Physics 135 will take up a good portion of your study time, while the others are pretty manageable! Best of luck with finals!
-Owen, Co-President

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