Pre-Med Q&ACategory: Scheduling and ClassesHow does this schedule look? (2nd semester freshman)
AvatarAmira asked 3 years ago

Hello! I’m a freshman, and just wanted some input as I finalize my schedule choices before the upcoming add/drop deadline on Tuesday. So far I have

  • Chem 215+216 double honors
  • Math 115
  • English 125
  • UROP (2 credits)

Majorwise, quite undecided but something in the sciences (neuroscience, biochem, mcdb… etc are all contenders at the moment).
Last semester was able to do orgo 1, last semester of French, stats 250, and Urop pretty smoothly, for reference. Not sure how this compares to my last semester?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Amira!
In writing, your schedule definitely looks manageable. By this point in the semester, I would think you’ve had some time to get a feel for what your workload will be, and if it seems ok to you, that’s what matters most. It’s hard to give advice based on how “good” a schedule looks because it really does depend on the individual, but I think you’ve stopped by our advising hours before, and based on our conversations there, I would say your schedule this semester is definitely solid. Compared to your last semester, this one seems pretty equal, no major workload differences. As far as completing prerequisites for pre-med and any major you choose, you’re certainly on track as well. Feel free to stop by our advising hours again if you’d like to have a one-on-one conversation! Best of luck this semester!
-Owen, PMH Advisor

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