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AvatarMaggie asked 2 years ago

I need to take BIO 207, BIO 305, & CHEM 230 next year. What is the best combination to take them over the fall and winter semester (2 semesters). For example, should I CHEM 230 and BIO 207 in the fall semester, and then BIO 305 in the winter semester? All of my other courses would be about the same, so those don’t need to be factored in here.

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 2 years ago

Hi Maggie!
I would have Chem 230 be the class you take by itself, leaving Bio 207 and Bio 305 to be taken at the same time in a different semester. Chem 230 is notoriously a tough class, especially when it comes to exams, so I think having that be your big STEM class in a semester would be wise. Bio 207 and Bio 305 certainly have their challenges, but I think most students would agree its not to the extent that Chem 230 has its challenges. As far as which combo to take in the fall/winter semesters, I don’t think it matters too much. The professor for Chem 230 is the same in the fall and the winter and she is great, so you’ll be fine there. If you want to discuss more aspects of your schedule, we are happy to help over Zoom as well, so check out our drop-in advising schedule!
Owen, PMH Co-President

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