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AvatarGuest Student asked 2 years ago

I;m a student at Umich, and I decided to be a guest student to take physics at another university.
Unfortunately, I didn’t receive an A.
So just to be clear, this grade doesn’t factor in to my Umich GPA right? However, can med schools still see the grade I got as a guest student at this other university? And what would they think?

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AvatarSelina Lu answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your question! I took Physics 2 outside of the University of Michigan so I had similar questions about how transfer credits would look on my transcript. If you are taking the physics equivalents at another University of Michigan campus, such as UM-Dearborn, then both credit and grades transfer over and will affect your GPA. However, if you are taking these classes anywhere else, then only credit will transfer over and the grade you obtained will not affect your University of Michigan GPA. Instead, the class will appear on your transcript as transfer credit with a “T” instead of a letter grade. 
As physics is a common prerequisite for most medical schools, I believe that they will want to view your actual grades. When applying on AMCAS, I believe that transcripts from all schools you have attended must be sent in. Thus, they will have access to the transcript from this other university that you were a guest student at. As a result, it is important to keep in mind that while your University of Michigan GPA is unaffected by this class, your overall GPA and BCPM GPA as calculated by AMCAS will be affected. 
Although you may not have received the grades you wanted in physics, it is important that you are still able to understand the subject and retain the information such as for when you take the MCAT. While medical schools will be able to see these grades, they do not define your application as a whole! Physics is just one of many science prerequisites, so there is no need to worry! There is plenty of room for improvement so keep working towards having a solid GPA, extracurriculars, leadership, etc., and remember that medical schools will look at your application holistically!
I hope all your questions and concerns were answered! Best of luck!
Selina, PMH Advisor

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