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I have a question pertaining to the First-Year Writing Requirement and the requirements of many medical schools with regards to an English requirement. I was wondering if the First-year writings that are not English 124 or 125, like Complit or a seminar are known to be usually accepted, at least with the medical schools in Michigan?

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AvatarAnni answered 3 years ago

Hi Gregory!

So sorry for responding late. Any course which Michigan counts as the First Year Writing Requirement is acceptable as the english requirement for medical schools. When medical schools ask for “english” courses, they really want to know if you’re familiar with the basics of good writing/composition, have the tools to write in an organized and logical fashion, and possess the ability to think critically outside of science contexts. All of the  FYWR and ULWR courses at Michigan satisfy this requirement. If you happen to be transferring in, Sweetland Writing Center has a list of previously approved courses, and similarly, non-approved courses, from other institutions which will fulfill the FYWR. You can find that here.

There are also STEM departments who offer ULWR courses in science disciplines. Again, these classes don’t have ENG in front of the course numbers, but they still count. It’s very rare that a medical school will contest the veracity of your english requirement, and if they do, you can have Newnan Advising write you a letter of recommendation which defends the decision (in the past these letters have all been successful).

Good luck with choosing classes and with the rest of the school year!

Anni (peer advisor)

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