Avatarcas asked 2 years ago

would you guys ever consider making a large blog post about how to best study for each of the premed classes? 

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 2 years ago

Hi there!
Thanks for your suggestion! As a group of advisors and E-Board members, we meet weekly to discuss blog post ideas, and I will make sure that this is brought up as a potential topic for a future blog post. That being said, the best study method for each course is very much based on the individual. What works for some students might be ineffective for others, so it can be difficult to generalize what the best ways to study for each of the pre-med courses are. With questions like this that require more individual attention, I always like to invite students to drop by our advising hours! Our advisors have taken or are currently taking all of the pre-med classes, and we ensure that there are at least two advisors in the Zoom room at all times who are ready to help anyone who drops in. We’d be happy to go through each of the remaining courses you have to take, talk about strategies that worked for us, and help you figure out what works for you!
Hope to see you there some time!
Owen, PMH Co-President

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