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Avataranonymous asked 1 year ago

So in the fall semester I’m taking orgo 1, bio 173 lab, clciv 120 (first year seminar), and FYWR. In winter semester I’m planning on registering for orgo 2, physics 150, stats 250, and cogsci 200. That adds up to 18 credits but I’ve heard stats 250 is easy, and the workload for cogsci 200 is only 4% – should I take something off or do you guys think this schedule is doable?

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AvatarCate answered 1 year ago

Hi, I hope you are doing well! Thank you for your question. 
At a first glance, that schedule seems a bit intensive. We generally advise to not take more than 2 pre med requirements per semester in order to ensure you have enough time to dedicate to the class and do well. Both Physics 150 and Stats 250 have weekly homework which is fairly time consuming. Also, you know this because you took Orgo 1 this semester, but staying on top of studying for Orgo 2 may be a challenge when taking three sciences courses. It looks like you placed out of the intro Biology sequence, so you will likely have some more flexibility in your schedule. I would advise not rushing these prerequisites and perhaps picking one to replace with a humanities or social science course. 
I hope this helps! If you’d like further clarification, please feel free to stop by our office hours or submit another question! 🙂 
-Cate, PMH Advisor

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