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AvatarH.Lee asked 6 months ago

So far, I’ve registered for the classes above for 15 credits. I’ll also be working in a research lab, which through MICROBIO299 I’m getting 2 credits in the fall semester. I’m thinking about working at the research lab for MDCB 300 and get 3 credits. The should work as my 2nd lab requirement, right? 
I wanted to take socs 302 but that doesn’t work with my schedule anymore. I’m wondering if there’s another class I could take because I feel like I’m falling behind. Are my classes enough? Should I be doing more? what courses should I look for? 
Next year, I’d be taking Orgo chem 1 with physics 1. I’ve already taken AP stat, so I don’t really need the credit, but should I still take stats 250 again? 

  • bio 173
  • ala 106
  • asian 271
  • italian 250
  • English 124


  • anatomy 303
  • chem 130
  • chem 125/126
  • secs 183
  • ala 109
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AvatarCate answered 5 months ago

So sorry for this late response–our team took some time off for break and exams! 
I want to first address a very common concern that pre-med students have: that you are falling behind. Please don’t worry, you are not! I felt the same way when I was an underclassman. You have taken a considerable amount of science classes and AP credit. 
If you already took STATS, I would not necessarily recommend taking it unless the medical schools that you are interested in do not accept AP credit (some medical schools do not even require STATS, however a semester of some sort of math course is generally recommended for required). This is definitely a case-by-case basis. I believe that your research lab should count for lab credit, though this is something you should check with a Biology advisor with (it is easy to make an appointment on their website). 
Please try not to stress–you are definitely on track! I hope you have a great semester, and if you have any other questions, feel free to respond to this post or attend our advising hours that start again this coming Sunday! 
-Cate, PMH Co-President 

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