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AvatarKeven Kim asked 2 years ago

Hello all,
During the fall semester in 2020, I developed an interest in computer science after taking EECS 183. With it though, I’ve developed conflicting feelings about what to do for my major. My initial idea was to major in computer science while following a pre-med track, but planning all the classes out for the year, the combination of classes and the sheer amount seems to be quite a lot. That so, I was wondering which classes would be good for me to take next year to figure out exactly what major I would enjoy more. So far, concerning computer science and pre-med courses, I’ve taken EECS 183 and general chemistry (CHEM 125, 126, 130). Next semester (Winter 2021), I’m planning on taking my second language course (5 credits), but am unsure whether I should take organic chemistry, BIO 173, EECS 280, EECS 203, or a combination of some sorts to figure out what track I would want to follow.
Thanks all.

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AvatarHaitong answered 2 years ago

Hello Kevin,
Thank you for the question! I think it is awesome that you develop an interest in computer science in addition to your interest in medicine. I would say that EECS 280 would be a great class to take next semester for you to explore your interest in computer science to see whether you really like it enough to make it a major. Taking EECS 203 and EECS 280 together would be a lot of work for most students (but it definitely depends on your coding experience and mathematical background). So I would recommend just take one next semester and substitute another with organic chemistry if you are not really unsure about pre-med. In terms of pre-med requirement, if you decided to become a cs major, there is definitely a lot of extra life science classes that you have to take besides all of the major cs courses. It seems like you still need to finish up the organic chemistry sequence along with pchem, physics sequence, two more biology classes, and biochem for your pre-med requirement. We could definitely talk more about it in detail during our drop-in hours which happens every week from Monday to Wednesday from 6 pm-10 pm and I would highly recommend that. I hope my answer is helpful in some way. 
                                                                                                                                                                        ——  PMH Haitong 

AvatarVidhiyaa answered 2 years ago

Hi Kevin, I\’m Vidhiyaa a freshman in the same position as you, having developed an interest in both premed and comp sci after taking 183 Fall 2020, it\’s crazy our semesters were almost the same. If you want someone to talk to I\’m happy to talk since we seem to be in the same position. It\’s great that you\’re taking a unique path, good luck!

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