AvatarSarah asked 3 years ago

Is taking Biolchem 415, Bio 173, Psych 345, and Stats 250 in one semester too much? I have already taken stats, I just need the credit. 

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AvatarSydney answered 3 years ago

Hi Sarah!
As you know, this comes out to about 16 credits. This should be a good workload without becoming too much. We generally advise that students keep their enrollment to 2 STEM courses at a time as these courses are work-heavy. However, if you are already familiar with statistics and confident about your abilities to handle Stats 250, this seems like a very reasonable courseload. Biolchem 415 is a tough course, and you will need to put time into that. I, personally, took Stats 250 and Biology 173 in the same semester and did not have any issues with it, and my experience with Psych 345 was extremely positive as this class has a lot of content but is very manageable with straightforward exams and assignments, and the workload is lighter than that of a typical 4 credit course. This schedule seems well-balanced, and you will likely not have any problems managing the coursework for these classes. Be sure to consider your extracurricular commitments when solidifying your schedule, but this looks good!
Sydney, Marketing & Outreach

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