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Hello,  I am currently a sophomore and have not yet taken CHEM 215 or PHYSICS 135/235 yet. I was wondering if these two courses would be doable together over the spring semester or if it would be better to save one course for the fall? I am not exactly sure what my major will be at this point but I am feeling quite behind in terms of classes and was wondering if there would be a good suggestion as to how I should go about scheduling for fall. 

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 2 years ago

It’s typically recommended to only take one STEP/pre-med class during the Spring or Summer terms, since they are condensed and move at a much faster rate. I’d recommend you take either Chem 215 or Physics 135 in the Spring, and take the other class in the Fall since it would be difficult to take both during a half-term semester. Depending on when you took Chem 210, it might be more beneficial to take Chem 215 (and potentially 216 as well) in the Spring since the content from Chem 210 overlaps and is needed for 215. The content for Physics 135 and 235 are not very related, so many people will have gaps between taking both of those classes. That being said, if you choose to do Physics 135 in the Fall, you could also do Physics 235 in the winter – whichever method works best with your other classes as well. If you have more questions, feel free to drop by our advising hours on Sunday-Wednesday from 6-10pm!
Lakshmi, PMH Advisor

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