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With the drop deadline approving, what is the grade at which on should be considering when deciding to drop a course. Even if not expected to fail, should one drop a course if they are at the C+ range . Also if this is a lower grade in a non pre-med required class like a calculus or stats is it better to continue at a certain grade even though it is lower? Also, does this “minimum” grade change with a pre med typical/science class where one should have at least a certain range or drop?

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AvatarLindsay answered 3 years ago

Hi there,   This isn’t the case always, but a W is generally better than a C, but a W is generally worse than a B. That leave C+ and B- in an awkward spot which requires you to think about how likely your grade is to swing in either way. Another thing to consider is how much effort it would be for you to get your B-/C+ to something higher. If calculus is drawing away so much of your time that you’re other classes are suffering, you might be better off taking the W and trying the class again later. When it comes down to it, it’s best to protect your GPA. After all, I’ve never seen one or even two W’s on a transcript preventing someone’s admittance into medical schools.
 As for the different approach you might take depending on the class being pre-Med or not, I think a W in a pre-Med class is worse than in a non pre-Med class. However, math is an odd exception because calculus isn’t technically a requirement for most medical schools, but it WILL contribute to you Science gpa (which is you biology, chemistry, physics, and math) gpa. 
  Also, I advise you to think about how you would go about the class the second time if you do withdraw now. Would you be able to do better? If not, you should probably keep the class. If you were to drop a class and then get a C+ on your second try, Med schools will see a W and a C+, which is probably worse than just a W. Furthermore, you’re far into the semester now, and you’ve probably spent substantial time on the course, so it’s worth thinking about whether you’re willing to spend that same time (or more time if that’s what you need to get a better grade) next time you take the class. 
  Since this question is complex and a better answer might require some back and forth discussion, I highly recommend attending our drop-in advising tonight. I (Lindsay) will be at the Shapiro library tonight in room 2138 from 8-10 PM, and other advisors will be in the room 6-8 PM. We hope we can be of even better help in person.    Sincerely, Lindsay (Co-President)

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