Pre-Med Q&ADoes it affect my MD application if I finish my undergrad 5 years ?
AvatarAnonymous asked 1 year ago

I am transferring to UMich from a 4 year University in my 3rd year spring term. I could finish my undergrad only in my 5th year since I start as freshman in my prior University. I am just wondering whether there will be any negative impact on my application for studying extra year of undergrad ? 

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AvatarLeen answered 1 year ago

We apologize for the delay in answering your question due to finals week. As far as I know, taking a 5th year of undergrad is not something to be concerned about! It should not a negative impact on your application as though more and more applicants are non-traditional, meaning they don’t follow the typical 4-year undergrad then med school track. It may be a topic of conversation in interviews such that admissions panels may want to hear more detail about why your took an extra year in undergrad. This is not a big deal as though you get the opportunity to elaborate on your decision to transfer schools as well as other experiences you may gain from a 5th year that other applicants may not have. If you’d like more detailed feedback, I would recommend talking to a pre-med advisor in Newnan. 
I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.
Leen, PMH Advising Manager

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