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AvatarKim asked 2 years ago

I\’m having a really rough time with during full time online classes and I\’m thinking of doing part time next semester. (All of my other semesters will be full time.) But do med school look down/don\’t like part time students?My part time semester plan is continuing my UROP research and will probably take a physics class. 

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AvatarHaitong answered 2 years ago

The simple answer is No. First I want to say medical schools will not look down upon your application just because you took a semester part-time. I think as long as you complete all of your requirements for medical school, they are not too concerned with how you completed them. Besides, I am pretty sure medical schools are aware of the pandemic and online learning situation. So as long as you are on track with completing the requirements for medical school and your major, you should not be worried about taking a part-time. I would suggest developing a four-year plan with your advisor incorporating the part-time semester. Please also make sure to include the time for MCAT as well as medical school application. If you have any questions about that, feel free to ask it here or come to our virtual office hours. Hope this helps!                                                                                                                                                             ——- Peer Advisor Haitong

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