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AvatarJessie B. asked 3 years ago

Right now, I am in 210 with nolta for the spring and I’m enjoying it. I was thinking about taking 215 in the fall but have heard that in the winter semester there are really good professors 215 teaching compared to fall so I was thinking about not taking it in fall to get a good professor in the winter. Right now I am schedule with Brian C. for fall and was wondering if it is worth it to wait until winter or if the fall is not as bad as I have heard”

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 3 years ago

Hi Jessie,
Generally, we like to advise that orgo 1 and 2 are best taken directly in sequence. Orgo 2 requires that you retain pretty much all of the foundational concepts learned in orgo 1, so it would definitely benefit you to take it in the fall. In the winter term, there are usually more professors teaching orgo 2, but I’m not sure how valid the claim is that these professors are better than the ones who teach in the fall. You’ll find on the course guide that there is really no clear historical pattern as to which professors teach during which semester. Because of this, I would advise you to take orgo 2 in the Fall 2020 semester rather than Winter 2021.
Please follow up if you have any other concerns!
Owen, PMH Co-President

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