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AvatarAnonymous asked 2 years ago

Is there a deadline to declare a major? I want to major in Biomolecular science, but can’t seem to fit some of the prerequisites until after the fall term of Junior year. Would I still be able to pursue this major, or should I look into different ones?

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AvatarArjun B answered 2 years ago

Hi there! While many students declare their majors by their sophomore year, there is no hard deadline for you to declare. There are many students, including some of our advisors, that have declared in the fall or winter of their junior years. As long as you’re working consistently to complete the prerequisites for BMS, there’s nothing wrong with waiting till junior year to declare.
Here’s a caveat that I would give to you, though: be mindful that there are ~9 major-specific courses for the Biomolecular Science major that you must take on top of the prereq courses, so plan your timeline accordingly to leave yourself enough time to take these.
If you need more guidance on this question, I’d recommend meeting with your advisor to set up your course plan and talk it through 🙂 
Picking a major is nerve-wracking, but don’t worry! If you have one in mind that you truly enjoy, you’re 90% there. And if you have any more questions or concerns through your pre-med career, we’ll be here to support you!
Good luck!
Arjun, PMH Advisor

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