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Avatarmaria asked 3 years ago

Hi, i have taken BIO 171, 172, STATS 250, MATH 115 among the STEM courses. For fall 2020, i plan to take Orgo1, bio 173, and UROP (2 credits). What course do you recommend that i add?  should I add another stem course or do a humanities? Thanks so much. 

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AvatarHanin Elhagehassan answered 3 years ago

I think in this case, it depends on the major you plan to pursue or the undergraduate plan you’ve set for yourself. We typically recommend students limit their enrollment to 2 STEM courses per semester. 
There are multiple paths you can take, your schedule would be well-balanced whether you add a humanities or a STEM course. One of my recommendations would be to recommend adding Orgo I Lab-Component (Chem 211) if you haven’t already with a humanities course, or even another college requirement. I would highly recommend knocking out your language requirements as early as possible if you’re in LS&A and you haven’t completed/tested out of your language requirement (many regret not completing their language requirements earlier on)!
Adding a STEM course would also be doable (I personally paired Orgo I, Orgo I Lab, Bio 172, Bio 173, and a language course during my freshman year). 
I am also going to link some schedules from previous Pre-Med Hub advisors that took Orgo I and Bio 173 during one semester to help you make your choice:


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