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AvatarFreshman asked 3 years ago

Is it bad to take a lot of the MCAT preparation courses early. For example if I were to take organic chem I and II my freshman year and then my bio sequence and physical chem my sophomore year but take the MCAT at the end of my senior year would that just lead me to have to restudy everything again. (assume taking biochem bear MCAT because I know that course is REALLY recommended to take close to MCAT)

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AvatarKaran Joseph answered 3 years ago

I would not necessarily say it is a bad thing to get these difficult classes out of the way when you are younger, but yes if you plan to take the MCAT that much later in your college career, you will probably have to spend a lot more time reviewing content. I would recommend spreading out your courses to the best of your ability. Since you have the time you might as well use it effectively to lighten your course load. Let us know if you have any other questions! Good luck!
Karan, Co-President

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