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Which student orgs are good for gaining volunteer experience? Are there any that are affiliated with hospitals or clinics?

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AvatarMaeve answered 4 years ago

Hi there,

So from what I’ve seen and heard from people is that med schools do like to see hospital volunteering, but also volunteering in the community. That being said, clubs like AMSA and the Neuroscience Student Association offer lots of opportunities for community involvement, but really any club on campus focused on volunteering of some kind that is consistent and shows commitment would work. Clubs where there’s opportunity for leadership mobility are even better, so it’s a good idea to find a cause you really believe in and then put in the hours. If you’re still looking for hospital volunteering beyond that, the Michigan Medicine volunteer office and VA Ann Arbor Health System are great places to look. People often forget about the VA, but it’s right by North Campus and offers great volunteering opportunities.

Hope this helps!

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