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AvatarHailey Prokop asked 3 weeks ago

I’m currently an undergraduate student going the pre-med route and majoring in psychology, and was looking to get clinical care/experience over this summer. I’ve tried contacting several clinics, but have been unsuccessful. Are there any resources or positions that could help me?
Thank you!

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AvatarMiranda Baumbick answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Hailey!
Below are a few options for clinical care for you to look into:
Medical Scribe: transcribe information during clinical visits into electronic health records under physician supervision

  • Not sure if you are staying in Ann Arbor over the summer, but this website also gives options in other states

Medical Assistant: 

  • Depending on where you’re planning on living this summer, I would reach out to any urgent care/minute clinics or even your local physician’s office. I know I got my MA job through my Dermatologist, which was great and I was trained within a few weeks.
  • It is not required in Michigan to have a Medical Assistant certification. However, if you’re looking to do a program, here is a link where you can look up programs by zip code:

Phlebotomist: draw blood from patients

  • This will probably require some training, but Michigan medicine has a nice outpatient phlebotomy center
  • Here is the link to apply:

I hope this helps!
Miranda, PMH Advisor

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