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I am an incoming freshman and would like comments on my schedule please.  Not sure if 2 science classes with 2 labs would be too much for first semester.
Chem 125/126 and Chem 130 (4 credits)
Bio 171 and Bio 173 (6 credits)
Spanish (4 credits)

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Eleanor!

One note: CHEM 125/126/130 is actually 5, not 4 credits. This brings your semester total up to 15 credits.

Additionally, your schedule doesn’t look too bad for a first semester freshman! You will be in good company since each of your classes are commonly taken by a lot of other first years. Taking intro bio and intro chem as soon as you can is really a good move, though, because you will then be eligible to register for other science classes and start thinking about declaring majors.

I must warn you, though, that STEM classes at Michigan are unlike anything you might have taken before. Even if you consider yourself fairly comfortable with biology or chemistry based on your high school coursework, it would be wise to keep up with your work and make sure you don’t have too many other commitments like jobs/research/clubs/social activities. A bad GPA your very first semester can be difficult to repair! There’s a lot to think about, but ultimately, it is a decision that is fully up to you. Don’t let your advisor or peers or parents pressure you into taking classes that you may not be ready for.

If you feel that you would rather play it safe your first semester (as I did), another good option is to start working on those LSA distributions. Many pre-meds focus so much on their science requirements that they forget to explore the other interesting classes Michigan has to offer: public health, philosophy, computer science, astronomy, women’s studies, or even a first year seminar. These seminars are restricted to freshmen, so take them while you can!

Stop by peer advising hours in the fall with any other questions.

Best wishes,
Pooja, PMH Advisor

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