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AvatarJJ asked 7 months ago

Which classes would you recommend not taking together out of Chem 230, Physics 150, Physics 250, MCDB 310, and Biology 305?

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AvatarDiamond Johnson answered 7 months ago

Hi JJ!
A general recommendation from the Pre-Med Hub is not to take more than 2 STEM courses together. You are expected to spend 8 hours per course NOT including class/lab time. 2 STEM courses together requires, give or take, 16 hours per week, which can be demanding if you have obligations such as work or any other extracurricular activities you may be involved in. However, I understand that sometimes it is unavoidable and you will have to double up on courses. If that is the case, here are some things to consider: 

  • Are you more of a Chemistry or Biology person? Asking this question can help you decide on what courses you would be more comfortable doubling up on and what courses you would feel more comfortable isolating. For example, a person who is really comfortable with Biology might consider isolating Chem 230 and taking MCDB 310 with one Physics course and Biology 305 with the other Physics course. 


  • Chem 230 is a notoriously difficult course and a lot of students have a tendency to isolate this course to its own semester, so even if you are a chemistry person that is something to consider. 


  • Lastly, are you a math or science person? Thinking through this is another way to guide your thought process on what courses you should isolate and which you can comfortably take together. 

I hope this helped, feel free to reach out with any further questions via Q&A or drop in advising hours! 
Diamond Johnson, PMH Advisor

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