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AvatarAnkita asked 2 years ago

I am planning to take orgo I and orgo lab this semester and I was wondering if you would recommend taking Bio 225 or Bio 207 with it ( I also plan to take a health and society class for my major so that I am not overloading)

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AvatarIsabel Murray answered 2 years ago

Hi Ankita! 
While I haven’t taken BIO 207, some of our advisors have said that the workload is slightly less than for Animal Physiology (BIO 225). That being said, they are pretty similar classes given that both have 4 exams on lecture material and minimal (but a couple) additional assignments. The combination of either of these classes with Orgo will keep you busy, but is definitely possible to do well in. I would recommend choosing whichever topic seems more interesting to you, because that may make studying for those 4 exams more enjoyable or less stressful. You can find the syllabi and content information for both courses on LSA Courseguide.
Overall, I like your plan of choosing 2 STEM courses and health and society classes for the rest. Please stop by Zoom office hours if you want to talk more about your schedule!
Isabel, PMH Advisor

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