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Avataranonymous asked 2 months ago

Hi! I was looking for some classes in the humanities to fulfill the area distribution requirement that aren’t too difficult.
Also, it would be nice if they related to health/medicine in some sort of way, and had fewer exams. Are there any classes like that? 
Is Philosophy 356 – Issues in Bioethics a good class for humanities? Thank you!

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AvatarJaveria answered 2 months ago

Thanks for your question! 
To start off, yes –  Phil 356 is a good humanities class to consider! According to Atlas, most students end up with an A- and it appears that not only is it related to the health field, but the information you learn in this class can be potentially useful during medical school interviews.
Here are two other potential classes that satisfy the humanities requirement related to health or 
STS 202 – Medicine, Magic, and Madness in the Middle East (4 credit). The median grade is an A and the class only requires one exam with the majority of your grade consisting of assignments and projects.  
WG 310 – Health, Gender, and Performance (3 credit). This appears to be a new class so I am unable to find any information regarding previous class statistics. 
Also, regarding any other easier humanities classes that are not related to the health field, I took German 386 (Fairytales) and I found it to be interesting and manageable in terms of workload (there were two exams, however). I just want to add that it is important to choose classes that genuinely spark your interest and that you are eager to learn more about. Humanities classes are an excellent way to expand your knowledge on topics that you are passionate about! 
Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions by attending drop-in advising hours or just replying to this thread! 
Best of luck, 
Javeria (PMH Advisor) 

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