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AvatarAnkita Patel asked 1 year ago

Hi! I am taking Orgo II with lab next semester and I was wondering if taking biochem, or pchem, or Bio 225/226 would be a good fit!

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AvatarElizabeth Lee answered 1 year ago

Hi Ankita, great question! It might help to think about the type of classes you want to pair with Orgo II. Biochem, specifically Mcdb 310, is memorization heavy. It requires you to synthesize information to tackle problems on the exam, but only touches lightly, if any at all, on math. On the other hand, pchem has a large emphasis on calculations and problem solving. Much of your time studying for this class will include doing practice problems to strengthen your analytic skills, especially to aid in approaching content presented in a new context. In terms of Bio 225, I took it two years ago, but from my experience it was memorization heavy like Mcdb 310. I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of the type of course Orgo II will be from taking Orgo I (a mix between understanding reaction mechanisms and applying your knowledge), so if I were you, I would think about whether I want another course that also leans towards application (pchem) or memorization (Mcdb 310 or Bio 225/226). Finally, something to consider is the rest of your schedule. If you’re taking a bunch of math heavy or memorization heavy courses, you might want to balance it out with a course that emphasizes the other. I hope this information helped–good luck on registration and finals!
-Elizabeth, PMH President

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