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AvatarAnon asked 2 years ago

Would taking both Chem 230 and Bio 225 in the spring term be too much to handle at once or is it manageable?

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AvatarLeen answered 2 years ago

The short answer is yes, it would be difficult to take both Chem 230 and Bio 225 in the spring. Here’s why:
Chem 230 is a problem-solving, exam-heavy class (there are 4 exams + final), which means having an exam every week (or almost every week) in the spring term. Additionally, the class covers about 12 modules of material, which would mean 1.5 modules every week as well as 6 hours of synchronous problem-solving sessions per week. That being said, many people take Chem 230 in the spring and do well. However, the structure of the class mixed with an accelerated spring term schedule is difficult to manage with an additional class (that would also be on an accelerated schedule).
Bio 225 is a memorization-heavy class that covers a lot of material in one semester. In the spring, this would be accelerated. The grading is also solely dependent on the 4 exams in the course, which you would be having every 2 weeks in the spring term. I would recommend choosing one class to take and postponing the other one for another term. That way, you are able to focus entirely on one class, which many students find helpful in terms of getting a good grade in the class (myself included). Just to note, it may help to know that Bio 225 is taught in the summer term if you are interested in that option as well.
I hope that helps! Let us know if you have another questions.
Leen, PMH Advisor

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