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I’m an incoming freshman @ umich. what classes should i take and what are the most popular classes pre-meds take freshman year? also what major should i do? any advice? dos and donts? common mistakes?

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Hi Michal! Welcome to UofM. It all really depends on where you stand in terms of AP/IB science courses. If you haven’t taken AP chem, bio, and physics in higschool, it is very common for freshmen to take gen chem, bio 171/172, and physics 135/235 (along with all the corresponding labs). If you are able to pass out of these intro courses, you may find yourself still needed to take the labs at UofM for the listed courses above, but you would start out in organic chemistry and maybe a higher level physics.


In terms of choosing a major: pre-Med is a track at UofM, as in, you just have to take courses that medical schools will require of you and courses that will prepare you for the MCAT. With that said, having a science major definitely makes it easier to take all these classes you would need as a prospective medical student while also double dipping and hitting requirement for your major; however, there are plenty of students at UofM who are non-science majors and still successfully finish all that they need for the major and premed classes in 4 years. It is more important that you choos a major you enjoy since it’s easier to pay attention in courses you enjoy, and you’ll probably do well in classes you enjoy (GPA is something to be keeping in mind).


Do’s and Dont’s: good question! As a first year, I would say that you should try hard to find a good study routine for yourself. That might mean waking up early or staying up late, but also prioritize your sleep and health because it’s really easy to write off sleep for the first couple weeks and ed up getting sick and fall behind. Even classes you aren’t required to go to, at least go the first few weeks (respond back if you want more information on this). As mentioned before, your GPA is inportant, so yes, you should be taking “hard science” classses, but don’t write off the power of having lighter classes that can cushion your GPA (especially as a first year). Reevaluate how you are doing often and if you are confused about a concept, ask ask ask. The SLC has been a great resource for me and professors/GSIs are more often than not excited to help you. Volunteering and research is also important for premed students to have experience doing, but don’t sweat it if you cant work that into your schedule freshman year.


Hope this helps! Respond if you need any clarification or want more detail.


We will be holding advising hours in the Fall, so keep an eye out for them

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