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Hi there! So for junior year I have to take Chem 260, a bio class (since im a BHS major), physics 250+251 and MCDB 310. How would you recommend organizing those classes os tehy re managable? (I am also really bad at physics) 

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Avatarallierak@umich.edu answered 10 months ago

Hello! Class schedules definitely depend on the person, so feel free to seek other people’s input, but I will advise based on my experiences and what I have heard about classes. 
Many people think that taking chem 260 and physics 2 together works well because they overlap in content sometimes. I did this fall semester of my junior year (online and when physics was 235) and it was fine (I am also bad at physics). 260 was pretty rough the first couple of weeks because that was when they went over quantum which is a physics-like topic, but after that, it was pretty smooth sailing. The other part of this course that is nice is that they switched to weekly quizzes vs exams which has made the course significantly easier. 
My other thought is that MCDB 310 and whatever bio class you decide to take would also go hand and hand with each other, so if you like having courses that overlap in content a little doing chem 260 + physics 250 one semester and then MCDB 310 and bio the other would be the way to go. 
The other thing I would like to mention is that it is highly encouraged for people to take MCDB 310 right before they start studying for the MCAT (this is what I did). Biochem is a tough subject and is quite prevalent on the MCAT so taking it right before you study will give you the benefit of not having time to forget all that you learned. (This is to help you decide which set to take which semester). If you aren’t taking the MCAT this year, the other thing I would think about perhaps is instructors teaching the courses, although there really aren’t any standout physics teachers and I don’t personally have an opinion for MCDB 310. 
If you don’t really care about courses going hand in hand, you could also definitely do physics 250 and your bio class together (meaning chem 260 and MCDB 310 together), but I would highly advise against MCDB 310 and physics 350 together as they are both quite heavy courses and knowing that physics isn’t your strongest subject I think this would be quite difficult. 
In terms of the types of courses to pair with these sets of science courses, I would try and stay on the lighter side, especially for the semester with physics. Sometimes this isn’t possible just depending on your requirements, but if you are able to get away with it that would be nice. 
I hope this helps with your decision, please let us know if you have any more questions! 
PMH Advisor Allison

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