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Avatarhi asked 2 years ago

Is it okay to just request for chemistry exemption letter and skip chem 130 after being placed into chem 210 with the chemistry placement test? Do most medical schools accept this letter? Is there another general chemistry course aside from chem 245 that I can take to fulfill a year requirement of inorganic chem? Thank you!

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AvatarTina answered 2 years ago

Typically, medical schools want to see a year of general chemistry with a lab on you transcript in some way, shape, or form. From my understanding, it seems that most medical schools will accept AP chemistry, but a smaller amount of them will accept the chemistry exemption letter. In fact, I have heard of people emailing medical schools asking if they would accept in on a case-by-case basis to ensure that it was allowed. With that being said, you can fill this requirement/ the inorganic chemistry course requirements with CHEM 230 (physical chemistry), CHEM 245/246/247 (Biomedical analytical chemistry and its lab which counts as two courses), CHEM 303 (bioinorganic chemistry), or CHEM 302 (inorganic chemistry). 
I hope this helps!
Tina, Advisor

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