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AvatarAnon asked 1 year ago

I’m a junior and next semester I registered for orgo3/chem 420 and genetics along with two moderate load humanities courses. I was wondering if those two stem classes were decently manageable with each other? Also any pointers on each of those classes individually are appreciated as well. 

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AvatarCaitlin Alindogan answered 1 year ago

Your schedule should be manageable, maybe on the heavier side for some weeks (when there’s exams/projects due). For both classes, it is important to stay caught up with material when it is presented, so as not to fall behind when more complex topics are introduced as the semester goes on.
Specifically for genetics, I recommend doing the optional worksheets and book problems, and utilize your GSI/professor office hours for any questions. Focus on the optional worksheets since they tend to be in the same format as exam questions. The book is also helpful for looking at examples of topics presented in class, just in case you want further clarification. 

Thanks for the question, and let us know if you have any follow up questions!

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