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AvatarKrishna Patel asked 4 years ago

Hello all,
I am wondering if I can get some info on this class. I read the overview – but a student’s opinion would be help here. Also, I took orgo about 2 years ago – so do not remember much. How is this class, and how orgo based it is.

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AvatarLindsay answered 4 years ago

Hi Krishna,
CHEM 419 is not a course that is specific to pre-med, so none of our team has taken the course. I’ve even asked the members of my team who are BMS majors, and they’ve happen to have chosen other 400 level classes that probably fill a similar requirement as what 419 would fill for you. Thus, we do regrettably do not have any advice for you regarding CHEM 419 and it’s orgo heaviness.
Based on just LSA Course Guide though, CHEM 210/215 are only advisory pre-requisites (not enforced), so there might not be as much orgo as a class that has CHEM 215 as an enforced prerequisite.
Questions like this about classes beyond the scope of pre-med probably are better answered by professional advisers in their respective departments. Perhaps consider reaching out to the Chemistry Department’s advisers for a more thorough answer.

AvatarMichael Nunu answered 4 years ago

Hi Krishna,  I have not personally taken this course, but I did take Chem 215 this past winter. As the semester was coming to a close, CHEM 419 was offered as a continuation for students highly interested in continuing their passion for organic chemistry. The class was advertised as a third term of organic chemistry that investigated further the topics discussed in CHEM 210 and CHEM 215. Unfortunately I do not have more information about the course, but advisors and professors in the chemistry department may be able to provide more information. Best of luck!! Sincerely,  Michael (Pre-Med Advisor) 

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