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AvatarAnon asked 1 year ago

I was wondering if CHEM 352 (Biochemistry lab) counts as an upper level bio lab? I’ve taken 173 already but I don’t have any biology related labs other than that. How common is it for schools to require an upper level bio lab in the first place?

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AvatarAllison Rakowski answered 1 year ago

I would definitely recommend clarifying with an advisor via email, but I know that biochem lectures don’t count for bio credit, but this may be different for labs. Another lab that could potentially count is physiology lab if that sounds more appealing than other bio options. It is quite common for schools to require/recommend an upper-level bio course + lab. I have rarely seen schools not at least recommend that you have it. You may want to look into some schools that you know you will probably apply to (In-State schools, etc.) to see what they say. 
Let us know if you have any other questions, 
PMH Advisor Allison 

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