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Avataranon asked 2 years ago

hello! i was wondering how chem 351 compares to chem 215 in terms of difficulty/volume of content? I did pretty well in 215, but I hear that the amount of memorization required in 351 can be overwhelming. Since it can be helpful for mcat, i\\\’d like to take the class if I can/ if it is of comparable difficulty to 215. I am also considering an MD PhD. However, I also know that biolchem 351 is taught by medical school faculty and was wondering if it would be more relevant for pre-meds? thank you so much!

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AvatarLakshmi answered 2 years ago

We have written a blog post previously that compares the different Biochemistry classes, and offers details on Biochem 415 and Chem 351, linked here. In my experience, Chem 215 is more conceptual and mechanistic while Biochem is very memorization heavy and generally a higher volume of content. All Biochem classes will give you the foundation needed for MCAT, so it’s ultimately your personal preference on which class fits your interests best. 
I hope this helps!
Lakshmi, PMH Advisor

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