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Avataranon asked 11 months ago

Hi there! I was wondering if you had the insight to how these two stem classes would go with 2 LSA requirements that I would have to fill! Thanks!

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AvatarTaylor answered 11 months ago

Chem 230 is one of the harder chemistry classes some premeds take even though it is not an official prerequisite for medical school. I personally took this class virtually, but the class is structured to be very interactive and fast-paced with frequent group work, independent lectures, and a lot of practice problems you will want to keep up with to do well in the class. Just as they say orgo is an application-based subject, Chem 230 is also very application-based and leaves little room between exams to work on material. 
Personally, I did not take general chemistry and was placed directly into organic chemistry which I felt did not prepare me as well for Chem 230 since I had to recall a lot of general chemistry concepts which you will see in Chem 230. However, if you have taken general chemistry at the university you will probably be better prepared. Another option if this works with your major/minor requirements is taking Chem 260, which has slightly harder material and math, but is structured into weekly quizzes instead of exams in 230 which can be less stressful. There is also a slightly higher median with 260 (A- vs. B+ for 230). I highly recommend this option if you can still meet your requirements.
I do not have personal experience with Physics 250 as I took the previous version (Physics 235/236) but I’d say physics is the more traditionally structured class compared to pchem. I am someone that generally struggles with physics and much prefers bio/chem, but I was able to do well in this class by just watching/going to lectures and studio, doing practice questions, and the physics TAs are also very helpful and even offered review sessions and office hours. 
Since these 2 classes are more difficult classes in terms of content and material, I’d recommend taking these classes alongside non-stem classes. Just from the sheer workload of 230, taking an additional STEM class would be difficult to sufficiently devote enough attention to each of your classes. I hope this helped and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions!  
Taylor, PMH Advisor

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