AvatarBob asked 2 years ago

I completely bombed my first chem 230 exam even after doing the PREPP. Do you guys have any advise on what to do for the next exam?

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 2 years ago

Hey Bob,
I can let you know how I studied for pchem exams, and you can use that advice to fit your study habits/schedule. First, the best advice I was given for the class is to actually do the PREPP twice. About two weeks before the exam, start working on 2-4 pages per day. Around Thursday/Friday before the Tuesday exam you should be close to done, and that’s when you can go through it a second time, this time about 7-10 pages per day. You’re unlikely to remember all the answers, so this process really solidifies the problem solving skills expected of you on the exams. Outside of the PREPP, I recommend taking very detailed notes on the Module videos or making a study guide before each exam to help synthesize and organize all of the content, which can sometimes seems overwhelming. Also, definitely use Piazza to your advantage. Dr. Gottfried is extremely responsive and gives very concise answers to student questions there, so I found it to be a great resource. If you aren’t in one already, consider joining an SLC Study Group to get some more practice questions and tips for the class. Like many classes, office hours are also extremely useful.
Some things to note – the first exam is worth the least amount of points, so there are still plenty of points left to get. Also, I heard from many peers that this first exam was quite difficult, so you are certainly not alone. Lastly, if you end up not getting a final grade that you wanted, it is definitely not the end of the world. Medical schools admissions committees seem to be more sensitive to individual circumstances during the pandemic, so hang in there. Please follow up with any more questions!
-Owen, PMH Co-President

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