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AvatarAnon. asked 3 years ago

Hello I am looking for a class to pair with physics 140 and was wondering if chem 215 vs chem 230/260 would be a more manageable workload. I would like to take either orgo II or p-chem spending on which is less of the workload especially ins prong since I am also taking physics. Thank you 

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AvatarJudy answered 3 years ago

Spring classes are much more fast-paced and intensive than classes in the fall so I would be cautious about taking 2 STEM classes during the spring term. If you have not done the physics lab or a distribution class I think that would be a better class to pair with physics 140. Everyone’s abilities are different though and if you think you can handle another STEM class I would recommend chem 215. Chem 230 has an exam every week (total 6-7 exams) during the spring term. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other question!
-Judy (PMH E-board) 

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