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How difficult is it taking chem 215 and lab over the Spring? Is it much harder than Fall/Winter?

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AvatarRiya Gaitonde answered 1 year ago

Hope you are doing well! If you are planning on taking Chem 215 with the lab over the Spring semester, I believe it to be manageable as long as those are the only two courses you enroll in at the time. From my experience, I found it to be a little difficult to focus solely on Chem 215 and lab since I took it during the Fall/Winter semester along with other courses such as Physics 1. For this reason, taking Chem 215 and lab over the Spring semester will give you the time to focus solely on Organic Chemistry topics. However, it is important to keep in mind that the course content will be taught at an accelerated pace since it is technically a half-term. My suggestion would be to stay on top of lecture content, do coursepack problems as you’re learning new material, and start preparing for exams ahead of time, including taking old exams, since there will be less time between each exam during the spring semester. So, other than the content being taught at a faster pace, I don’t believe Chem 215 and lab should be much harder than taking it during the Fall/Winter semester as long as those are the only courses you enroll in. Hope that helps!
Riya (PMH Advisor)

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