AvatarTy asked 3 years ago

I was thinking about taking chem 215 in the spring term along with physics with no labs for each course, just the lecture. Does anyone ave experience with Chem 215 in the spring and with the instructor Alexander Pinotowksi. The alternative is taking it in the fall and was wondering his Capollo or Nicole Tuttle are with 215. Thanks!

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AvatarKaran Joseph answered 3 years ago

Hi Ty,
I took CHEM 215 with Dr. Poniatowski as well as the corresponding lab during the spring term a few years ago. Even though I had struggled with Orgo I the semester before, the workload was manageable. I will point out that those were the only classes that I was taking, and obviously the experience will be different taking the course remotely than it was in person. Dr. Poniatowski was an excellent, engaging teacher who often challenged students to explain why they thought something was right rather than just telling us if it was right or wrong. He went out of his way to set aside time for students to ask questions, so I am sure that he would make an effort to make these accommodations during an online course. Your workload with both classes will also depend on whether you’re planning to take Physics I or II. Taking Orgo and Physics courses online means that you will have to keep yourself accountable for studying and practicing if you do not know other enrolled students to work with on your own time. 
Overall, if you are a self-motivated student, taking the lecture components of Orgo II and physics in the spring term may be doable if you aren’t doing much else in terms of work, travel, etcetera. 
-Peyton Goethe
I was a UIA for CHEM 215 with Dr. Poniatowski during spring term. Peyton pretty much touched on everything I was going to say. Poniatowski’s exams were fair and he was available via office hours for any additional clarification. My best advice is to use the staff and their office hours as well. In terms of taking both classes together, It certainly is doable but will require a great amount of discipline on your part due to the increased pace. 
-Karan Joseph

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