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I was wondering if it is worth it to take the Honors option for CHEM 215. Is there more work that you have to do? Do people feel like it prepared them better for the exams?
For reference, I didn’t do Honors for CHEM 210, but I did fairly well in the course.

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AvatarKaran Joseph answered 2 years ago

CHEM 215 generally has 2 honors options: Regular Honors and Double Honors. Regular Honors puts you in a structured study group (SSG) led by an upperclassman who excelled in the course for 2 hours per week and you will have a weekly assignment due which is mostly graded on completion, but they do expect some level of satisfactory work. While the material covered in SSG does not appear on the exams, Honors can be a very good opportunity to meet other driven students as well as have another chance to interact with the course material.
Double Honors is an entire separate section in which the lecture and the lab (CHEM 216) are honors. HH offers an integrated class, often, with a much smaller size. This can be helpful because you will have more one on one time with your professor. You still are required to go to SSG once per week, but halfway through the semester you won’t have any more assignments and instead will be working on the final project for CHEM 215. 
I personally did CHEM 215HH and enjoyed it very much. I was able to form a very solid study group, ask my professors many questions, and felt that I had a better understanding of the course material when it came to exams and quizzes. It certainly was much more work, but I think it was worth it.
Please let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
Karan, Co-President

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