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AvatarM asked 2 years ago

I’m looking at doing chem 215/216 and physics 135/136 together in the spring but I’m wondering if this would be too much of a class overload. Would it be better to pair these together in the spring or take physics 135 with chem 230? Thanks!

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AvatarM answered 2 years ago

^also to clarify I would do physics 135 and chem 230 together in the fall.

AvatarSara answered 2 years ago

Spring courses are condensed since they are done in half the time as a regular semester, so you are basically learning all the material 2x faster. This means that exams will likely be every other week and you will likely have class almost every day for a few hours. Both chem 215/216 and physics 135/136 require a lot of study time, so it’s important to consider that when scheduling them for the spring. Doing both these courses at the same time is doable, but keep in mind that this might not leave you a lot of time to be involved in other things. I would recommend doing chem 215/216 in the spring and then taking physics 135/136 with chem 230 in the fall. For the fall, your other classes should preferably have a lighter load, as physics 135 and chem 230 both require a lot of study time/problem practice. 
Please let us know if you have any other questions about scheduling classes or anything else in general!
Thank you, 
Sara, PMH Advisor 

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