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AvatarJeff Allan asked 1 year ago

Hi! I wanted to know if taking CHEM 215/216 and BIOLOGY 225 in Summer 2020 is doable or will it be too much work in such a short amount of time? Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day!

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AvatarKaran Joseph answered 1 year ago

Hi Jeff,
Just to clarify, are you taking these both during Summer Term? If that is the case, I would say yes this might be a bit too much for one semester. 215 is fast paced during the summer and on top of that you would be responsible for 2 4-hour labs per week. In addition you would be responsible for an accelerated 225 which has a great deal of content to master. If it is within your budget I would recommend splitting up these classes into Spring and Summer terms. If not, I would recommend just getting 215/216 out of the way. 225 is not terribly difficult during the school year and can easily be paired with other classes (CHEM 230, Physics). I hope this helps! Good luck.
Karan, Co-President

AvatarJeff Allan answered 1 year ago

Thank you for taking the time to answer my post! Yeah, I was thinking that these classes together in the fast-paced summer term wasn’t too good of an idea, but I waitlisted for both Spring and Summer and I had only gotten off the summer waitlist. However, I just found out that I got off the waitlist for Bio 225 for the Spring. Right now, I am only in Stats 250 for Spring 2020. Do you think Stats 250 and Bio 225 would be fine in the Spring term or would you recommend against this?

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