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AvatarAmy asked 3 years ago

If any of you have taken the double honors version of chem 215/16, could you share a bit of your experience (eg. with the SSG), workload, and tips for the course, thanks!

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AvatarKaran Joseph answered 3 years ago

Hi Amy!
I took double honors in Winter 2018! My experience with the class was overwhelmingly positive. As you mentioned, the class has a 2 Hour SSG every week with assignments that were interesting and somewhat difficult in the beginning, but towards the end of the semester the SSG was used to spend time on the final project of the class which was very helpful. Additionally, the SSG leaders were all very cool people and it was fun to get to know them. The workload for this class is greater than regular 215/216. The 215 section I took had weekly quizzes which required consistent studying every week, but also helped buffer your grade a bit more. The lab section is complicated and quite challenging as you will be attempting to synthesize a brand new compound and will be employing lab techniques you may not be familiar with. Additionally, the pre-labs and lab reports for this class required a great amount of time and the final Lab Report at the end of the semester also took a considerable amount of time. The 215 exams were comparable to regular 215 exams in terms of difficulty.  
General Tips: Don’t fall behind! Fortunately, the weekly quizzes forces you to study the material every week. Additionally, finish the coursepack as early as possible. Take advantage of the small class size to ask the professor multiple clarifying questions. In lab, you will need to work efficiently and do not be afraid to reach out to your Lab GSI for assistance. If you need additional help, there is a CHEM 215/216 HH SLC Study group offered which you could join.
Let us know if you have further questions. Hope this helped!
Karan Joseph

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