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AvatarGayoung Yang asked 3 years ago

I am a rising sophomore planning to take CHEM 210/211, PHYSICS 135/136, BIO 173, and UROP for this fall semester. Will my semester be too tough? 
Also, I was planning to take CHEM 215/216, PHYSICS 235/236 for next semester. Are my schedules doable?

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AvatarCaitlin Alindogan answered 3 years ago

Hey Gayoung,
From personal experience I can say that Physics 1 and Orgo 1 in one semester was a bit tough, specifically because the first 2 exams for both were in the same week. However, it is doable as long as you are dedicated and are always on top of the material for orgo.
Same goes with physics 2 and orgo 2 for your 2nd semester, however I found the labs for both to have a higher workload. Also, the classes themselves are somewhat more extensive, so I would suggest scheduling lighter classes in addition to physics 2/orgo 2 for 2nd sem.
Bio 173 in addition to orgo/physics may also be a bit overwhelming, since there are quizzes, presentations, papers to do in 173 which may coincide with exam dates for orgo and physics.
I’m not sure about your workload for UROP, but these 2 classes plus 3 labs may be a bit overwhelming by themselves, and I would recommend altering your schedule if possible, maybe pushing back 173 to next year, and replacing it with a humanities or something similar. If not possible, your schedule is doable but expect to put in much work.
It’s better to take your time with pre-reqs to ensure a solid GPA, as opposed to getting through pre-reqs as quickly as possible.
Good luck with everything, and let us know if you have any more questions!
Caitlin, PMH Advisor

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