Pre-Med Q&ACategory: MCATCan I take Chem 351 instead of mcdb 310 for the MCAT?
AvatarBob asked 2 years ago

Will I be adequately prepared for the biochem portion of the MCAT if I take chem 351 instead of mcdb 310?

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AvatarHanin Elhagehassan answered 2 years ago

Yes, you should be. Chem 351 is known for being more in depth than the latter introductory biochemistry courses offered to undergrads. It’s particularly useful if you’re pursuing a biochemistry degree I believe. This link will lead you to a blog-post comparing different pre-med courses offered at UMich; you can find a comparison of CHEM 351, MCDB 310, and BIOLCHEM 415. 
Good luck with scheduling!

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