AvatarVanessa asked 4 weeks ago

I received a C+ in orgo 1 when I took it last semester. I saw that many schools do not accept Cs for prerequisites. What should I do? Retake the class and get a higher grade? Or do I have any other options.

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AvatarTina answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Vanessa,
It’s true that many medical schools prefer that prerequisites are satisfied with a B- or better, so I would suggest retaking the class. This will not only satisfy what medical schools like to see, but also help you in preparing for the MCAT, since your foundation for organic chemistry will be solid and require less review/ relearning when you’re studying for that exam.
The only other option I can really think of is completing a post-bacc program after graduation, however this option is usually taken by students who need to drastically improve their GPAs and will not necessarily give you a strong background in organic chemistry or a different section of the MCAT.
I hope this helps!

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