Hey, I’m facing some serious burn out. Classes are tough and I feel like there’s a really long road ahead of me before I can call myself a doctor. Any tips on pushing through to the end?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 5 years ago

1) Sounds like you need some you time! One thing I wish (and I’m sure many other people) I had realized earlier was that you need to take some time to relax. Take 5 minutes to meditate. Watch an episode of Parks and Recreation. Take a quick walk around the Diag. You need to let your brain digest all the studying that you’re doing. In the long run, that extra time you take to relax will actually help you out when it comes to the exam.


2) Talk to your other pre-med friends! No one thinks the pre-med track is easy. It requires serious devotion to studying, volunteering, and leadership activities. So just know you are not alone. Get support from your other pre-med friends and you will all make it out together :)


3) Know that the road of fierce competition is the toughest now! Undergrad will be the toughest part of your journey. Once you are in medical school, it is a responsibility of many medical schools to keep you a part of their programs. Essentially, you only have to push really hard for about 4 years. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


— Margarete

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