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Has anyone taken BIOPHYS440 last semester (F22) and, if so, was lecture attendance required and how much time would you say is required for the class? 

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AvatarBushra answered 3 weeks ago

I hope all is well! Unfortunately, none of our advisors or board members have taken Biophys 440. However, it seems like the syllabus for Fall 2020 is uploaded onto the lsa course guide. Here is the link: https://webapps.lsa.umich.edu/syllabi/PDFPublicHandler.ashx?SyllabiID=37904&Syllabus=8ef9139d-7b98-4ea4-99ab-4a4aad2ad827 It seems like there were two options available (remote and in person) for it then. I apologize for the lack of information, but I would recommend simply emailing the professor that will be teaching it this upcoming fall and asking for clarification. Hopes this helps!
Bushra (PMH Advisor)

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