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AvatarChristina asked 3 years ago

I’m a new transfer student to UMich!  I’m currently thinking of majoring in anthropology and minoring in biochem.
I was a computer science major at my old university, so the only pre-med classes that I took is STATS 250 and MATH 115.
But because I am a transfer student, I only have 3 years to finish my major and the premed track, so I need to plan well and not take extra classes.
I saw that the UM biology sequence is 171,172, and 173, but do I need to take biology 171? Is there is recommended bio class and lab for pre-med students after bio 172 and 173?
For one year of chem and lab, is it CHEM 130 and CHEM 230? And I saw that Chem 125 and 126 is taken in the same semester with CHEM 130, but is it considered two semesters of chem lab? Or is there another chem lab that most pre-meds take?
And for the inorganic chem and lab is it CHEM 210/211 and CHEM 215/216?

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AvatarCaitlin Alindogan answered 3 years ago

Hey Christina, welcome to Michigan 🙂
The biology sequence is usually bio 171, 172 and 173 (lab). However, if you have AP Bio or IB credit, that would count for 171 and 172, but you would still have to take the 173 lab.
Here is a link that lists recommended upper level bios/ bio labs for pre-meds (after 171/172/173 sequence).
Checking out the Pre-Health advising website would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with premed topics. Also there are drop in office hours that you can sign up for on this site.
The one year of inorganic chemistry + lab is chem 130/125/126 and chem 230 (or chem 260).
The one year of organic chem + lab is chem 210/211 and chem 215/216.
Chem 125 and 126 are co-requisites; it is basically just a combined lab that you take in one semester, usually with chem 130. It will count for the one year of required inorganic chem lab.
Good luck with everything and let us know if you have more questions!
Caitlin, PMH advisor

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