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AvatarBrett Silber asked 3 years ago

For any neuroscience majors, I was just wondering if the order of taking Biology 222 and 225 matters to a significant extent. I’ve been advised that students typically take 225 first and have found success in doing so, but if taking 222 first would be a real reason for concern. Thanks in advance. 

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AvatarSydney answered 3 years ago

Hi Brett!
The order in which you take Bio 222 and 225 is not extremely important. That being said, many students do take 225 first. There is one unit on neurobiology in 225 that may serve as a foundation for 222. Based on information provided in my Bio 222 course, about 85% of neuroscience majors take Bio 225 or Psych 230 prior to enrolling in Bio 222, about 10% take Bio 222 first, and about 5% take Bio 222 at the same time as Bio 225 (or Psych 230).
If you have credit for Biology 195 from AP/IB but have not yet taken other science courses at UM you are generally advised to take Bio 225 or Psych 230 instead. I, personally, found Bio 222 to be very manageable as they will teach you everything you need to know and do not assume any prior knowledge beyond introductory biology and chemistry. Hope this helps!

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